Between university, exams and stress, enjoy your time because it doesn’t come back

Don’t get crushed by the University. Exams, degree, stress are words we deal with every day. But avoid giving it more importance than it deserves. It’s a part of our life. It is ONLY a part of our wonderful life. Sometimes it seems that we have entered a mental vortex from which we struggle to come out. We all have dreams, ambitions, expectations: and you will be able to reach them, I assure you. But you will achieve true happiness only if you do not annul yourself in the name of not sure what. No 30 can ever repay you emotions lost on the way in your long but not infinite journey, with problems that you will face and that you will then be able to solve. No 18 can take away your undisputed quality. Each of us has many, but you can only discover them by living, always being always, however, invariably yourself. Day after day.

Life is not just the University

What will your life be like when you graduate one day (yes, because this moment will come for you too and it will come much sooner than you can imagine) if you haven’t fully experienced every moment of your wonderful existence? Go out with friends, dedicate yourself to your hobbies, pursue your goals. Life is not just the University. Life is joy, pain, emotions, feelings, ambitions, values. You cannot reduce everything to a half-hour interview with a teacher who doesn’t care about you, about the people you are, about your real value. University exams are important, but life exams are more important. Very often I have seen people devote almost all of their time to their study. But when experiences, dreams and emotions are lacking it is difficult to go on, it is difficult to go far. Make your way then but don’t get pestered by anxieties, stress and unnecessary problems. Yes, you read that right, they are useless problems. Because when you have to find an occupation what really counts will be the qualities that each of us brings with us and that no 18 can ever take away from you.

In a few years you will finish your journey and you will realize how tremendously true these words, which may now seem to be outside the world to you. But if you come to that day you will not have lived to the full, that will be your true defeat. You will instead achieve a victory. Because you have been, you are and you will always be yourself. With your imperfections and your qualities. But you will have lived to the full. And then you can say that you have achieved success in life, the real one. Good luck and enjoy your time. Time is too precious to be used exclusively in study. Time is the only thing that never comes back in our wonderful existence. Make the most of it. And you will never regret it.