Six dangerous subjects you will surely encounter before an exam

The winter session is coming, the study rooms are starting to fill up already from the opening hours and the pressure is starting to be felt.

As usual there will be those who will prepare for the last, spending nights in white and those who have already begun to study from the beginning of September with underlined books and summarized facts, ready to overcome even Everest with a pair of highlighters instead of pickaxes. Regardless of your preparation, when you come to the exam, convinced to pass it or just to go and take a look at the questions, waiting to enter the classroom, we strongly advise you to stay away from these types of students under exams:

The Nostradamus. In two words: he knows! The Nostradamus is the classic student who during the night dreamed the questions that the teacher has prepared, or did not know which statistical calculations between the previous exams and the questions found on the Internet to know, with certainty, which are the ones that will happen in the task.

Obviously around him will be created rounds of betting of students who will give their own assessment and opinion about it. Those who are afraid of the prediction will open the book and will go over (if not study like crazy) that chapter which, according to him, was not so relevant; who, instead, will contradict our dear Nostradamus because, according to his calculations, the question will be another, thus forming a debate so heated that even in the biggest quarrels at Forum.

The statue. The one who arrives in the atrium or in front of the classroom where the exam will be held an hour before and, as if seized by a panic attack or an intense pre-examination concentration session, will be paralyzed, like a statue: immobile with the gaze is fixed or down or the wall. Nothing can distract him from his state of immobility: not a word, not a gesture, not even a greeting, until the professor or his possible assistant, will utter the magic words: “you can enter”. At that moment the awakening will take place and with a low look and fast walk he will head inside the classroom to carry out his exam. The subject statue is like a sleepwalker, so it is not advisable to wake him from his state of trans; you won’t know what will happen.

The marathon runner. Completely opposed to the statue subject, the student in question, seized by a state of agitation that he cannot keep inside, will complete his 42 kilometers in the atrium going back and forth across the room. While the statue subject, at the most, may cause you a bit of fear, the marathon runner will have you enter directly into the grandstand of the Wimbledon Tournament tennis final, where he represents the ball in continuous movement from one side of the room to the other. Not only will you be distracted, but you may also experience a slight seasickness.

The “I have not studied”. Classic student present since first grade.

The “I have not studied” is the one who attends all the lessons, studies from morning to evening, makes the summaries of the books with the side by side of the notes taken in class but, on the day of the exam, he does not know anything because “he is presented only to see the exam, so it will never pass ”. They do not respond to any request for clarification, they are not influenced by Nostradamus and its bettors, they do not pay attention to the marathon runner or to the statue. They are the most peaceful, because they know so much that they will not pass or, if they do, it will only be a matter of great fortune. At the same time, to his great surprise (not of the others), he will take 30. Stay away from him, if you don’t want to have, even if justified, a murderous attack.

Everyone’s friend. The one who does not attend any lessons, does not know anyone of the course but when he arrives at the door of the classroom where the exam will be held, he becomes everyone’s friend. He approaches with a shy greeting, offers you a cigarette or lighter and starts chatting. Don’t let yourself be duped. When you have given him even a minimum of confidence, he will start making you any request and question; that it is on the professor, on the possible questions that can happen in the test, if you have summaries or notes taken during the lesson so as to give a review, clarifications or request for information on the examination modality. Careful, because out of the conversation you will come out exhausted and lacking in strength because he has not only managed to take your notes, but also your energy to face the exam test.

The latecomer. The latecomer finds out he has an exam a week before and leaves with a crazy and very desperate study, passing on books day and night. Before the exam you will find yourself browsing through the book or summaries found on the Internet to try to memorize something, just to not leave the exam completely blank. Be careful to get closer, it could start to instill doubts and perplexities in you that will make you overwhelm in the whirlwind of the laggards. These are the subjects to avoid! Be calm and do not be anxious, and if you can’t, we are here to help.