Your bad luck under the thesis: the contest

Has it ever happened to you that your computer broke while you were under thesis?

That the speaker started before a decisive meeting?

Or that the “writer’s block” came precisely in the writing of the last chapter?

The bad luck under thesis are always around the corner but the important thing is to know how to deal with them in the right way. Every day dozens and dozens of students in crisis contact us and we decided to collect all the stories and discomforts under thesis to share them with those who, like you, are or have been in difficulty. This is the right time to tell your story and share it with many other students.

Indeed, promotes the first edition of the contest “YOUR UNDERLYING FACES – THE CONTEST” which invites writers to narrate, through language, life stories under thesis. Stories of professors, road accidents, anxieties, problems, solidarity or stories of friends who have lived waiting for their degree.

Participation in the competition is free and open to all amateur and non-amateur writers over the age of 18. A Feltrinelli gift voucher worth € 50.00 is up for grabs.

Do you want to know how to participate? Simple, all you need to do is send a private message to our Facebook page, your text in any format (story, poetry, article, interview) for a maximum of three works per competitor. Narrative works must have a minimum of 200 characters and a maximum of 40,000 (spaces included). Once approved by our team, the song will be published on our blog and on our social pages to be shared with hundreds of other students.

Who will win? You have until 27/02 to send your story!

The yardstick to decide the winner will be the “sphygmometer”: the story that on Facebook will reach the greatest number of reactions with sad faces will win the prize!

What are you waiting for? Send us your text via private message on Facebook (click here) or write us for questions or concerns!

Ready Set Go!